Resin Technology’s principals have over 30 years of commercial and technical experience with PVC materials. Its principals have been involved throughout the supply chain of PVC resin. Starting with business management of PVC resin production to starting and/or managing several venture capital backed compounding firms including PVC rigid and flexible compounds as well as PVC/PE wire and cable compounding to running a global petrochemical trading company prior to starting Resin Technology over 19 years ago.

Resin Technology understands and continually analyzes the PVC business from feedstocks to the final finished product within the context and pressures of the global marketplace. Our deep commercial and technical background allows Resin Technology to bring a more sophisticated and professional long-term, technical approach to the PVC materials business. With this in mind, we strive to bring value to each and every customer relationship through mutual trust and understanding because our customers are our assets and the focus of our success.


From a North American base, Resin Technology strives to develop a “win/win” relationship with both customers and suppliers. We focus on PVC materials such as PVC resin, PVC compounds as well as plasticizer and other additives. While we have a streamlined product focus, we are diversified geographically operating with revenues 55% from global sales and 45% from North American sales. This unique balance allows us to fully understand the forces driving market demand and pricing in a globally competitive commodity marketplace in order to develop sound strategies with our customers.

  • Over 20 years of direct North American resin supply from the major PVC producers
  • Over 15 years of logistical expertise through US, Canada and Mexico
  • Customer focus on problem solving
  • Domestic warehousing, packaging and bulk trucking through US, Canada and Mexico
  • Uniquely positioned PVC compounding joint venture in Houston, Texas, USA, plus 3 other toll compounding arrangements in North America
  • Over 30 years of PVC commercial and technical knowledge from prime to off-specification
  • Have the Axiall contract to collect wet PVC resin from the centrifuge overflow tanks, dry, screen and package the K64 offgrade resin in supersacks, 25kg bags and railcars
  • Over 20 years of direct North American resin supply from the major PVC producers
  • Over 15 years of global logistical expertise
  • Customer focus on problem solving
  • Global warehousing, packaging, seabulk delivery and bulk trucking, including UK and other European locations
  • Uniquely positioned PVC compounding joint venture in Houston, Texas, USA
  • 30 years of PVC commercial, technical and management experience
  • Contracts with major ocean vessel companies
  • Flexibility in packaging: 50 lb, 25 kg, 1MT, 1.25MT supersacks and seabulk containers
  • Strong financing via Bank of America and Wells Fargo/Wachovia with additional large LC facilities
  • Foreign currency hedging (major currencies only)
  • PVC export resin supply contracts with major North American PVC resin producers
  • Export not only prime PVC resin with COA’s but also offgrade ( with QC data) and dried PVC tank resin – 91PSST- K64 ( with QC data)